27 definitions by sebastiancee

An epic journey on drugs
I took a tab of acid, and awoke naked in a dewy meadow.

that was one good trip.
by sebastiancee October 28, 2007
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Betcha can't watch just one!
I watched a video of a guys car getting absolutely destroyed by ghost riding it on youtube... I thought I was done until I saw related videos.
by sebastiancee March 18, 2008
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I'd Tap = I'd Fuck
You'd tap?
I'd Tap.
by Sebastiancee September 09, 2007
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One who is inept at using the Wii Console
John is such a Wiitard, he thinks the sensor inside the TV
by Sebastiancee June 20, 2007
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A very potent strain of marijuana grown with hydroponics making it all that more powerful.
I took one deep hit of that hydrochronic and coughed like a bitch
by sebastiancee December 28, 2007
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Anti-Gaming Girlfrienditis (AGG), a very common syndrome where the victim finds a special girl (Girlfriend), and slowly distances himself away from his gaming life and friends, he loses all will to game and the mere sight of one could cause him to become ill, or enraged. If you know someone suffering from this chronic illness, don't hesitate to get help.
We've lost alot of good men to Anti-Gaming Girlfrienditis, god damnit.

Bill is going down into Post-AGG traumatic stress.

I am infected with AGG.
by Sebastiancee September 02, 2007
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someone who uses new, or old friends, soley for the benefits of their wii console.
Fred: OmG Josh is such a wiiner, is he completely using everyone with a wii console.
Larry: Lets wii his ass down fellaz
by sebastiancee August 23, 2007
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