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According to urban legend, Polybius was a strange arcade game, similair to Tempest which brainwashed those who played it and was placed in arcades by a shady branch of the federal government. All retellings have a different agency, from the CIA, to the NSA, to the FBI, to even forign agencies like the KGB. In reality - at least, according to a former Atari employee - Polybius was a name for one of the early Betas of Tempest, and was tested in a few arcades. The game was known to cause Vertigo and Motion Sickness, and as such was pulled immediately.
My cousin's friend's older brother played Polybius and went insane. I swear!
by E. Moran May 13, 2004
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Anything at all of a mysterious nature, most commonly talked about on the internet in forums and thus blown out of proportion, etc.
That game that everyone's talking about is apparantly very polybius.
by Vornan Cuel November 13, 2003
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a game made by the government 2 brainwash children and make them paranoid
dumbass-dude i bought the game polybius
jackass-awesum lets play
Game-die u bitches
by John Fru August 16, 2003
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A mythical arcade video game said to be made by the government for mind control and manipulation. Depending on the source, it was either a 2-D Space Shooter or puzzle game.
My girl went batshit after playing Polybius and opened her ass for all the arcade to see...
by Cheeto Dust July 03, 2016
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