8 definitions by seanthebeloved

It's what you say when your nose discharges a lot of snot
Ah-choo! God, bless me, oh, and I guess you too.
by seanthebeloved December 28, 2011
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Plugging your gas-wasting car into another car with cords so it will start with electric sex.
My car's sex-life is dead. It needs a jumpstart.
by seanthebeloved January 25, 2011
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One of those days where you know rather than shoot the breeze, you had better get up and go.
John, today instead of drinking decaf, I said to myself; dude, just get up and go.
by seanthebeloved July 26, 2011
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God's duckas.
I saw Him say, "Let there be holy shit." And there was. And the holy shit was good.
by seanthebeloved July 26, 2011
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Underneath the knee
Your arm has an armpit, your knee has a kneepit. Also known as the kpit.
by seanthebeloved March 1, 2011
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An acronym and site address giving you the clue that we really shouldn't need the prefix www because we all know we are searching the web.
Let's check out www.worldwideweb to find out what is on the world-wide web!
by seanthebeloved March 3, 2011
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