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Sucks To Be You, just a acronym for saying it sucks to be you
Dude 1: "I gotta work overtime"
Dude 2: "STUBY dude"
by scott January 3, 2005
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A skank fart that smells like a bitch. Usual done by a gay ass homo named Scott.2 The act of boneing sum 1 throguh the eye or were ever.

Scott just ripped ass.
by scott May 25, 2004
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One who is a kiss ass at work
I hate working with Charlie, he is such a suck pump
by scott November 20, 2003
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Killed by someone of a higher power, therefore investigations conclude it was suicide.
The authorities say he committed suicide days before he was to testify against George W Bush. I'm sure it was George's associates that suicided him.
by scott March 10, 2005
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Another word for money, sick, dirty or any other phrase which describes something good.
The stripper I got a lapdance from was sully!
by scott June 15, 2006
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He missed her mouth and ejaculated in her red hair giving her an immediate spermanent.
by scott August 26, 2003
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Scott made this up about 30 seconds ago.
I'm feeling abnormally spontubular today
by scott June 17, 2004
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