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adjective, derived from the term MILF from the movie American Pie. A MILF is a Mother I'd Like to Fuck; MILFtastic is a term to describe such a woman who is usually old enough to have a teenaged kid but hot enough that most guys don't care and would love bang her hard all night long doggie-style.
Man, look at the cans on that MILF! They're huge. I'd love to tittie-fuck her. And that ass if fine, she's all-round MILFtastic!
by saskotis March 13, 2006
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lint that sticks your cum dripping out of a woman's pussy after you've finished nailing her
After I came, Shelley sat up but got covered in fuckfluff from the cotton sheets.
by saskotis January 12, 2006
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a nickname for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Let's head to Toontown for a night out
by saskotis January 12, 2006
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an acronym for sex up your arse meaning great or fantastic
Lemon cheesecake is SUYA!
by saskotis January 22, 2006
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a camel toe on a woman of native North American ancestory.
I was walking down 20th street and saw an Indian chick in tight jeans with a wicked moose knuckle!
by saskotis January 10, 2006
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