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To study by night, or work produced at night. From "lucubrare" (to work by lamplight). Also the product of such study -- usually used in plural.
When Katherine realized that Sasha was online at 4:30am, she suspected that significant lucubrations had been produced.
by sashamd November 1, 2003
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A friendly place in Northern Indiana where freshmen can get naked, slide on rooftops and run around. Synonyms: "Kratz 2nd", "The Deuce".
I was up on K2 so I asked Stan and Bruce if they wanted to shower. Then Fath joined in and it got real gnarly. Killer!
by sashamd November 3, 2003
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adv. meaning "undoubtebly"
Because word is shorter, it will indubely be used more often than undoubtebly.
by sashamd January 3, 2005
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verb, to cut off a man's genetalia. From John Wayne Bobbit, maimed by his wife in 1993.
"I was going to try shaving down there, but I was afraid of getting bobbitised!"
by sashamd March 22, 2005
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