To chop off a guy's dick, most likely with a steak knife. It originated from a woman named Lorena Bobbit, who sliced off her husband's penis in 1993.
If you say another word, I will bobbitise you.
by mcnuggetdestroyer February 03, 2018
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verb, to cut off a man's genetalia. From John Wayne Bobbit, maimed by his wife in 1993.
"I was going to try shaving down there, but I was afraid of getting bobbitised!"
by sashamd March 22, 2005
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the procedure of cutting the sexual organs from a man with a rusty knife without previous training while he sleeps.
whoa, check out that girl.. does she look like a dead cert for a bobbitisation freak or what?
by head of penguinisation May 12, 2004
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