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For those who don't know what it is, Omegle is a site that allows two people to have an anonymous chat with each other. Two "strangers" are chosen at random, etc etc you know how it goes.

Anyways, Typical Omegle is when you get the same sort of "conversation" repeatedly, as if it was something new and unexpected which it isn't. 98% of the time the other stranger will ask you 'asl' which is your Age, Sex and Location.

Interesting note: Watch how quickly the other person disconnects if you say you are male, and look how eager they start typing if you say you're female.

Omegle: 80% Perverts,

12% Illiterate people

4% automated 'bot' ads

2% Annoying kids who think they're little gangstas

1% The mentally disabled

1% Normal people
-Typical Omegle-

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

Stranger: asl?

You: 18 male New Zealand

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hey hows it going?

Stranger: nigga fuk dat qeschin

You: What?

Stranger: 13 m uk

You: I don't care

Stranger: FuK U !!!!11!!1!!!!

You have disconnected.
by sahboh11 December 20, 2011

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A ridiculously attractive, sexy British TV chef. There are other British TV chefs, but she is definitely the most enjoyable to watch. Her dialogue is easier to follow than that of Jamie Oliver (who talks like he is on acid), and she doesn't have the crass vocabulary of Gordon Ramsay. She is especially popular with males aged 18-40, and if you ever watch one of her shows you will see why. Basically she possesses an incredible bust, and has a sensual demeanor that makes her hot, even when cutting onions or scaling a fish.

Her recipes are actually pretty neat too.
I don't normally watch cooking shows, but I make an exception if it has Nigella in it

I would rather spend a day with Nigella Lawson than a whole week with Megan Fox. Megan is fine, but Nigella is fiiiiiiner
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011

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A girl or woman that is generally well-received with others, loyal, or says/does cool things. The female equivalent of a "Good Cunt".

Mostly used as a casual term of endearment between girls, to establish friendship and sociability. However if a guy says it, the girl will usually assume he is being disrespectful and become offended.

It can also be shortened to "G.B" if someone is too afraid to say "bitch" out loud.
Girl 1: (picks up something her friend dropped)
Girl 2: haha good bitch
Girl 1: aw you're welcome!

Guy: Hey honey I'm busy, could you please grab me a beer?
Girl: (gets can of beer, gives can)
Guy: Thanks babe, good bitch haha.
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011

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Someone who is labeled as being a 'potential terrorist' (usually due to their skin color, clothing etc) but in a less accusing, more ironic way.

A comedic sleight on post 9-11 paranoia, saying someone is a Casual Terrorist is simply implying they look like a stereotypical terrorist, even though you know they are not one and are probably just trying to earn an honest living.
Person 1: Hey look at Ahmed sitting there in his taxi, I wonder if he's planning on blowing up any buildings today?

Person 2: Haha, naah he's too busy picking up customers and earning fares.

Person 1: Yeah, he only does that sorta shit on an off-day. He's a Casual Terrorist.
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011

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The girl who flirts with you, but only as a joke. The slightly intoxicated chick who dances with you and kisses you on the cheek, but pulls away if you try and do the same to her.

The woman who smiles at you when she walks past, or gives you a compliment, but becomes disgusted if you show her any attention in return.

What do these ladies want? God only knows. Do they get a thrill from raising and lowering a man's hopes? Do they enjoy making guys feel like complete idiots? Semi-Sluts always frequent places such as office rooms, parties or universities.
Semi-Slut: Wow, you have really strong arms

Man: Oh really? All the better to hold you with...

Semi-Slut: EW, GROSS! Fuck off loser, I wouldn't be seen with you if you were the last man on earth!!

Man: But, you just...

Semi-Slut: (walks away calmly as though conversation never took place)
by sahboh11 December 06, 2011

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Any refrigerator built during the mid 20th century. These nifty fridges are easy to identify, as they are usually covered in a lot of chrome, badges and will likely have rounded edges. Kelvinator, Philco, Smeg were some of the more well-known fridge manufacturers of the era.

Retro refrigerators are highly sought after by those who have an eye for neat stuff. Basically if you're into art, then you'll like retro fridges. These fridges are relics from a bygone time when women wore stockings and suspender belts, cars were awesome and rockn'roll was the big thing.

Sadly, thanks to the usual groups of lunatics, retro fridges are slowly becoming extinct. Crusty environmentalists always slander these great old appliances, calling them "inefficient". Apparently, some people care more about "energy efficiency" than aesthetics or history.

A modern fridge lasts about six-ten years, tops.
Retro fridges do not break down, they have been going good for 50+ years and will never be beat.
My old Kelvinator fridge is in great condition, it was built in 1957 and still functions fine today. You just have to defrost the excess ice from the upper icebox compartment every month or so...

Go screw yourselves you green-thumbed environmentalists, you'll never take away my gas-guzzling classic car or my electricity-burning Retro Fridge!!
by sahboh11 December 01, 2011

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1. n/ An obese, hairy male who smells musty and reads a lot of pornography.

2. adjective/ Something that is gross, foul or unpleasant to look at.

3. A stupid, moronic or ill-informed person.
1: "That Mungy looking dude is a friggin' pervert"

2: "Aww bro that's Mungy as! Gross!!"

3: "Man you don't know shit. You're just a dumb Mungy.
by sahboh11 August 22, 2011

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