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I shouldn't have fucked around, because I got preggers.
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN July 31, 2004
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A guy whom you find hot and/or have a crush on.

A shorter version of the Japanese word bishounen.
Melissa and Cassie think Brian is hot, but he is MY bishie.
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN June 13, 2004
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A bum with an L.
Can be used as a suffix:
Dude, that's not just any old hobo, that's a lum!
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN October 29, 2004
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Your nuddy-pants are, well, your no-pants. When you are wearing your nuddy pants you are in the nude. The background of this word is from the Georgio Nicolsen series written by Louise Rennison.
When Cj forgot to wear pants to school, Cassie told me he was wearing his nuddy pants.
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN June 13, 2004
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The place at camp where all the cool costumes and clothes are stored.
Troll wanted a cool hat so he looked in the ishkaboobie to find one
by sHiNtSuKi-PeNgUiN July 21, 2004
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