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The highest level of drip available; when you have amogus drip your drip level matches the drip level of the Among Drip characters
Did you see Bob? He bought a lot of drip supplies and now has amogus drip.
by rtxmorshu March 05, 2021

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What you just saw when you dragged a UI element into the search bar. This happens because web developers really like to use the HTML <a> element for buttons instead of the actual <button> element. You can give the element functionality by listening for its click event and doing things then, but the <a> element is intended for creating hyperlinks and as such won't work without a set href attribute (AKA the link that you are taken to when you click on it). Therefore, you can use the void JavaScript operator, which will return the value undefined. If the browser is told to go to undefined, it will just keep the current page open. void will also evaluate its operands first, so <a href="javascript:void(alert('you clicked me'))">click me</a> would show "you clicked me" when clicked, but most people would just use javascript:void(0) and alert "you clicked me" on the click event, as said before. Urban Dictionary uses the javascript:void(0) technique for some of its UI elements, so when you just dragged the browse (or categories, or cart) button into the search bar, and I know you did, its href attribute was copied into the search bar, and now you're looking at javascript:void(0) and contemplating your life choices.
guy 1: god fucking damn it i just dragged a ui element into the search bar and searched for javascript:void(0), thats so annoying why does it even happen

guy 2: it happens because people cant use the <button> element and have to use <a> for some reason
by rtxmorshu February 02, 2021

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The most antiracist things to exist
Don't be racist, I am a building
by rtxmorshu March 19, 2021

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something that eggman is always having stolen
by rtxmorshu March 19, 2021

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A gamee is a very advanced type of game that has the effect of putting someone one place higher on the gaming hierarchy when they play the game. This effect wears off after they finish playing the gamee.
Oh no, the world is going to be destroyed, and the only way to stop it is with the power of an epic gameer, but I'm only a gameer. Wait, I can play a gamee to temporarily reach epic gameer status! Alright, let me see if I have any gamees lying around.
by rtxmorshu March 18, 2021

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The hierarchy of gamers based on their state when they play games. It goes like this:

Highest: Epic gameer (epic gameing when they play games)
Gameer (gameing when they play games)
Epic gamer (epic gaming when they play games)
Lowest: Gamer (gaming when they play games)

You can temporarily make yourself higher on the gaming hierarchy by playing a gamee.
What level are you on the gaming hierarchy?
I'm just an epic gamer. I wish I was higher, though.
Don't worry. Keep gaming and you'll be a gameer someday.
by rtxmorshu March 18, 2021

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