250 definition by rperazag

Extremely low cut clothes used by women who wish to produce acute Pavlovian Salivation Reflex in desperate-for-sex males.
Promise of fornication without guarantee.
Customer: Is this a too low-cut skirt?
Saleswoman: Yes darling... the perfect rape-me look!
by rperazag May 06, 2010

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Person in highest position of power, in government or business, whose mood swings cause great havoc on the economy and the life of large number of people.

Typical of the entertainment industry and oil rich third world countries.
What´s the programming strategy for next season? Dunno... depends on our top bipolar executive.
Why the economy of rich oil countries sucks so absurdly? Oh... they always manage to elect top bipolar presidents.
by rperazag May 04, 2010

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The initial phase in a new relationship when you are testing it for bugs or glitches.
How is it going with Mark? Will you commit?

Dunno... I am beta-testing him?
by rperazag May 12, 2010

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A hypothetical (uncertain) threshold (the point that must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to elicit a response) at which white trash will feel offended by the moronic TV programming, directing their attention to other aspects of their equally miserable lives.
Hey Pete... why your father stays for hours and hours watching crappy TV?
He is becoming an experiment that will disprove maximum viewing tolerance theory.
by rperazag May 06, 2010

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Question to ask when someone makes a stupid statement. As I am sure you will use it extensively, it is recommended to record it to play ad nauseam (to a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea)
"The world is ending in 2012"
So fucking what?
"The economy is cyclical"
So fucking what?
"Your wife is cheating on you"
So fucking....what???
by rperazag May 23, 2010

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Total lack of disposition to do something that has been promised to someone or to yourself.
The manager of the store wants me to deliver as much merchandise as possible before the holidays. I promised to do it asap, but I really have zero intention to do so.

I promised Maggie I´ll stop my drug use, but I have zero intention bro!
by rperazag May 10, 2010

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In Psychology, any new acquaintance that sucks in the first three minutes will suck forever.
Will we meet again?
Doubt it... didn´t pass three-minute rule.
by rperazag May 06, 2010

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