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To get hit. To get suckerpunched SO QUICKLY that you can't react to counter or duck.
"Ooh, that boy straight got stole!"
by reggie June 25, 2004
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An interceptor is a person who tries (and sometimes succeeds) to steal a girl (or guy) from up under you while you're trying to run game. They'll come in trying to talk for themselves while you're trying to handle your business, or they may try to do it when you turn your back.
I was trying to holla at Jennifer, but Craig ol' punk ass was trying to intercept me. And he's supposed to be my boy and shit!
by reggie June 25, 2004
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Used usually when somone is trrying to talk game
A mami halla at me.
by reggie October 10, 2003
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verb. the act of fucking hard in the south
He clarence what did you do with your sister last night ? We fucktard.
by reggie June 30, 2004
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"Someone pissed all over the stall and the walls, and now I've gotta clean it up! Bunch of Blue Falcons around here!"
by reggie June 25, 2004
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A cat who can't play no ball!

Unathletic. No talent having mofo.
Don't pick that cat! That dude a bum!!
by reggie December 16, 2004
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A clumsy, uncoordinated dumbass who can't do ANYTHING right. The equivalent of a fuck-up.
Urkel is an example of a bungler, tripping over everything, before he became Stefan and shit.
by reggie July 1, 2004
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