The coolest motherfunkers on the planet
Did you check out the Outkast spread in GQ? Even dressed like a fool, those brothas are off the hook.
by Surlyboi October 16, 2003
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One of the most unique and creative hip-hop artists ever. They are a duo, and they do not conform to the cliched hip-hop market. They do funky, weird ass music that people love, and they are talented. Andre 3000 often looks like an alien.
Have you heard that new Outkast joint? It's HOT
by Phase2Me September 25, 2003
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the best duo since prehistorical times. I dont categorize them into rap, hip hop, pop or whatever...they have their own category that only they belong to. I dunno where they get their funky tunes and random lyrics from- but dem sure have TALENT (something that dont exist no more)
Aint nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh so clean...I love when you stare at me, I feel so fresh so clean clean...
by brrrr February 18, 2005
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The best rap duo of all times. Big boi and andre 3000.

Ill give you something you aint got, that new new outkast. That shit aint even come out yet.
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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Andre & Big Boi members of Outkast
There ATLiens
there shit is crazy, their style is different from everyone else
A; mayne whats ur fav joint from dem outkast?
B; mayne dat atliens, elevators,Ms jackson, B.O.B.,
whole world , shit mayne too many
by K.O.KING April 24, 2006
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The greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop. Ask mainstream music fans about Outkast and they will say Bombs Over Baghdad and Hey Ya and The Way You Move. But not as many people know that Outkast created the three greatest hip hop albums of all time -- Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, ATLiens, and Aquemini. Got booed once by jealous New York rap fans who couldn't accept that a group from the South was better than everyone from NYC.
Speakerboxxx and The Love Below was nice, but fuck shakin it like a polaroid picture, whatchu know about "ain't no thang but a chicken wang" and "if you got fish and grits and all dat pimp shit" and "da art of storytellin". That's the real Outkast.
by Tyrone Biggums, Ph.D May 21, 2006
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Two talented musicians who created the band Outkast.

Antwan "Big Boi" Patton grew up in Savannah. Andre "Andre 3000" Bejamin grew up in the white suburbs of Atlanta. They met in lunchroom rap battles. They quickly became friends.

Since then they have released several albums:

southernplayalisticadillacmuzik - 1994
ATliens - 1995
Aquemini - 1996
Stankonia - 1999
Speakerboxxx (Big Boi) - 2001
The Love Below (Andre 3000) - 2001

And in addition,
OutKast rocks !
Outkast is the most original band in history.
by Blickey Ahmed April 22, 2004
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