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A fat, underappreciated, elephant-footed, gray guy who talks to trees, board games, and walls. He is good at drawing and writing, but socialy dead. His brothers are Strong Mad and Strong Bad.
"I don't like food anymore"
by Ratboy November 10, 2003
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Kirby givving you the finger.
also known as "FUCK YOU"
"yeah well t(^-^t),
yes that is kirby"
by Ratboy March 18, 2005
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Greco-Latin Etymology
1.) (Proper Noun) All things relating to the LGBT community as a whole*; the entirety of all things dealing with LGBT persons. It should NOT be confused with the word homosexual which, as a noun, solely refers to an LGBT person. Additionally, the word homosexual -- when used as an adjective -- is not a proper adjective, hence when 'homosexual' is used as an adjective it is not capitalized and specifically is defined as (cite Merriam-Webster) "of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex." To put it in perspective, think of the proper noun Spaniard and the common noun Spanish. See 'Example' below for further clarification.

2.) (Proper Adjective) Used to describe a group action undertaken by the homosexual community, aka Homosexai. This word is rarely used as a proper adjective, because the word homosexuals is usually more common and sufficient in this context.

*NOTE: Homosexai is an organizational term, never an individual term. Hence it is subject to stereotyping.
1) I'm sick of people being anti-Homosexai.
2) That ad will offend Homosexai.
3) Homosexai is rallying in the town square in protest of proposition 8.
4) The club has Homosexai staff.
5) Homosexai drinks are all the rage in Munich.
by RatBoy May 08, 2013
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A small group of people witha website and pretty much no purpose whatsoever.
Isaac gets free celery
by Ratboy November 25, 2003
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the thick prime shidler who can do everything that ross can......he can be the one if he wanted to but he isnt as good as ratboy
hey kosloski ur not as deadly as i am
by ratboy October 31, 2003
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people who live in rough areas who speak with an acsent and wear kappa clothing
yesterday i was attacked by a bunch of meaders
by ratboy October 02, 2003
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1. Exceptionally hairy man, short in stature, with a sour disposition.

2. A feral male pygmy.

2. A Danny DeVito wanna-be.
"You wanna re-run of Trilogy Of Terror, just ask that O'Hara about his love life."
by ratboy July 20, 2004
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