A let-down.

Never attends.

Says he'll go out for the evening or attend a business meeting (i.e. for food, drinks, clubs and strip bars) and then makes up an excuse like it's someone's birthday and won't go out.

Also a Dickhead

However - he does like Topman
"You definitely up for going out tonight?"

"I am, don't worry, I won't do a DANNY"
by poorattendance October 13, 2011
Shilo left the vet center to take a Danny. The swamp gas was starting to leak out of his ass.
by Life is like a jalapeno January 3, 2017
A girl who is open hearted.

Shes's brunette, with AMAZING eyes. She hurts her self because she doesn't see her perfection, or her beauty . She has her friends close & her enemies closer.

She rejects love, because she thinks it's a joke. When she secretly just wants to be held.

She doesn't give many second chamces unless you're specail to this beauty.

She loves kisses and hugs

She knows what she wants.
If she excepts you into her life

She is truly beautiful inside and out.

She just doesn't know it.
"Danni is a beauty who doesn't know it"
by Carl jamess October 15, 2013
A synonym for perfect. A person who is Dannie is probably the most awesome and perfect person you will ever meet, unless you are fortunate to meet a second Dannie, at whuch point you explode from awesome overdose. Is all of funny, sexy, smart and amazing at the same time.
"Dude, you see that girl over there?"
"Who, the Dannie?"
"Yeah, perfect isn't she."
by Call me Bob October 16, 2014
"Hey did you hear about Danni?"
"Yea i heard shes the sickest person ever"
by Patar613 October 21, 2008
Danny is the best person you will ever meet. He will teach you so much like loving others unconditionally and never holding a grudge on someone. Be glad if you know a Danny and try hard to keep him in your life because you will regret ever letting him go. Danny has a tendency to be shy but yet when your alone with him he will make you smile so hard that you will look like the joker. Danny is one of the most amazing people on earth.
I am so glad I got to meet a Danny.
by lafreakiod June 12, 2010
(Can be short for Daniel) A Danny is probably one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He will care about you like no other but can quite often feel alone. He can come across as loud and bubbly amongst people but deep down he is insecure. Show a Danny that you love him and you will both be so happy. Danny's tend to have a lot of secrets but if you know him well he will open up to you. Danny's are usually great at sport and are passionate people. They will try so hard to achieve what they want. If you ever manage to date a Danny then you are incredibly lucky. A Danny is cute, handsome, devilishly charming, funny, loyal and huggable. They may be quick-tempered and are easily affected. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid. He might not see it himself but other people are naturally attracted to him. Time spent with a Danny is 100% worth it. Never let a Danny go.
"What's Danny like?"
"He's basically perfection in disguise"
by JustSomebodyAnonymous July 5, 2013