24 definition by rapsux

The grocery store famous for crappy generic food and about 2 people working in the whole fucking store.
employee: Hi, I'm the Cashier, store manager, pharmacist, and seafood manager, that's Leslie, the meat, produce, and shelfing manager. Welcome to Kash 'n Karry.

Me: More like Kash 'n Krappy!
by rapsux April 06, 2005

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(Used to be) a terrible relief pitcher for the Cubs now a terrible pitcher with the Giants.!! He was just traded to the Giants.

His many nicknames in Chicago were: LaSucky, LaBlow, LaTwat, and LaTrocious.
LaTroy Hawkins blew in Chicago. Then Jim Hendry had the sense to trade that worthless bastard to San Fransisco for two of the best prospects in the Giants system.
by rapsux May 28, 2005

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People who are normal human beings who are treated poorly because of their sexual preference.
And no, I am not some pussy ass liberal.
by rapsux February 22, 2005

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see paul bako and rap.
Paul Bako is pretty shitty today. No, wait ,he's always shitty.
by rapsux February 20, 2005

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Stupid Redneck Hicks.
Cardinals Fans: Let's go out and watch de, Cardinalz play and then hold our anti price is right rally!
by rapsux March 15, 2005

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A town in West Central Florida. It is a very artsy town, with lots of old retired people living in it. The retirees think they've lived here all their life, so they think they have to complain to the city council when a bulding is too high, or some "young folks" are out skateboarding. They generally drive like shit and think they have the rights to everything, whether it be a good parking spot at Publix or right of way on the roads. Venice has a small airport also.
The old people complained to the city council that the proposed 2 story building was two and a half inches above the height maximum.
by rapsux May 06, 2005

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people who think the price is right is exclusively an elderly folks show.
Idiot: HAAAYY why are you watching the price is right there are only old peoples on it!
by rapsux February 20, 2005

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