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A coastal town in Florida. Lots of Rich and/or old people live there. Home of the Carlie Brucia kidnapping. Also home of the Ringling's home, Ringling art museum, Booker Elementary (The school where George W. Bush was at during 9/11),Cincinatti Reds spring training, and the former home of the ringling circus. Sarasota also has an international airport, and a pretty low crime rate. Overall a pretty nice place to live.
Sarasota is generally a nice place to live, except for the old people and snowbirds.
by rapsux February 26, 2005
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A very addicting snack. Made of baked ritz crackers and come in a variety of flavors.
I had to go to rehab for my Ritz Chips addiction.
by rapsux February 28, 2005
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see assbag

A Canadian liberal assbag who makes his journalism look objective but always puts a nice liberal twist to it.
"The most trusted name in news".......yeah right!
by rapsux February 23, 2005
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Pretty good Cubs pitcher who has 300+ wins with the Cubs (2 stints) and Braves in his career. Known for having shitty ass "personal" catchers such as Paul Bako and Henry Blanco.
Greg Maddux pitched a shutout yesterday, but Henry Blanco sucked at the plate yesterday.
by rapsux February 18, 2005
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A really douchey, asswipish person who is really dumb, and really arrogant at the same time. A big, annoying twat.
Barry Bonds is a fucktwat.
by rapsux May 06, 2005
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