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A rare and usually fatal disease of the teenage mind. Symptoms include a desire for kinky French sex with Saint-Just, irrational lust for Saint-Just, and the need to make shitty internet graphics of Robespierre and Saint-Just having gay sex.

Commonly occurs in teen girls, but is not limited to the female gender.

Doctor: This is a classic example of Saint-Just-ness syndrome.
by rageofmarat July 13, 2011
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probably the weirdest place you will ever go.
Horace Mann: I feel funky today.
Horace Mann: I know.
Horace Mann: I'll make Antioch College.
by rageofmarat January 01, 2014
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When a friend visits you and you just can't bring yourself to listen to them, even if they are trying to save your head/neck/life/pretty face/teen sex appeal.
Maxime: Don't you dare pull that Desmoulins Sexy Passive Aggression on me! I'm trying to save you! CAMILLLLEEE!

Camille: Bitch, please.
by rageofmarat July 13, 2011
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The nod that only Camille Desmoulins can do, as specifically demonstrated in the 1983 film "Danton". A subtle headtilt forward drives everyone wild.
Keegan: Did you just see Camille nod his head like that? That's the Desmoulins sexy headtilt.

Friends: What?
by rageofmarat July 10, 2011
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The state of existence where every thought is dominated by the sexiness of French Revolutionary Camille Desmoulins. All other habits cease, and the victim drools over google images, books, and films pertaining to Camille Desmoulins.
Keegan: Let's see... the capital of Azerbaijan is... oh god.. Camille.... you sexy thang...my place tonight.... my parents aren't home...leave Horace with Robespierre... hnnnng

Doctor: Son, you've got a bad case of Irrational Desmoulins Lust. This requires some serious treatment, and I need to start you on a round of hormone relaxers immediately.
by rageofmarat July 13, 2011
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A euphemism for Aaron Burr's penis.
Renee: Burr's pistol is so much better than Nelson's Column.
Keegan: Oh my god, Renee. Stop tripping, girl. Nelson's column is bigger and stronger than Burr's pistol.
Renee: Burr's pistol is much more accurate and never misses a shot.
by RageofMarat October 07, 2011
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A euphemism for Admiral Horatio Nelson's penis.
The British chose to honor their fallen admiral by erecting a giant, stone column for him.

Nelson's column is a prominent feature in the London sky. (Also, in his pants.)
by RageofMarat September 26, 2011
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