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Derived from "giving forth a TRUMPET-like sound, to break wind audibly.

Described by the Oxford English Dictionary as vulgar, but sometimes encouraged by parents to avoid the more offensive word "fart". Kind of like "toot" or "poot". Probably originated in Northern England and Wales.
"There's a disgusting smell in here. Has someone trumped?"
by radiohead3885 March 22, 2017

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Slang word for condom. Interestingly, the French equivalent is CAPOTE ANGLAISE, which means "English coat."
Be sure to wear a French coat.
by radiohead3885 April 15, 2005

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Single-sideband (SSB) voice transmission by radio. A derisive term used by amateur radio operators, particularly those who prefer conventional AM (amplitude modulation). Although SSB has become the most widely used mode of transmission for two-way shortwave voice communication, its audio quality has an inferior, scratchy, tinny sound that is very unpleasant to the ear.
He used to sound very good with his old AM transmitter, but he sounds like crap now that he has switched over to slopbucket.
by radiohead3885 April 14, 2005

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Weak, feeble, unenergetic. (to have no scrotum) Can be said about a male or female.
I drank too much last night and I feel scroteless today. I know it sucks, but (s)he's too damn scroteless to do anything about it. That's the most scroteless vacuum cleaner I ever tried to use.
by radiohead3885 April 14, 2005

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Electronics using vacuum tube technology, as opposed to solid state (transistorised) technology.
A hollow state stereo amplifier.
by radiohead3885 April 14, 2005

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A response trivialising someone's description of what they plan to do, when the listener finds it extravagant or believes it won't actually be carried out or won't succeed.
Person A: My sister is so upset with her local councilman that she's starting a petition to have him recalled.

Person B: Yeah, she's gonna shit and fall backwards in it.
by radiohead3885 May 26, 2011

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