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1) when referring to (radio) broadcasting, includes frequencies ranging from 1.7 to 30 MHz (1700 - 30,000 kHz), but sometimes refers also to the HF frequency spectrum from 3 to 30 MHz

2) An adjective referring technically to radio waves shorter than 80 meters, corresponding to a frequency of 3.75 megahertz or more. The term is often loosely used to refer to HF frequencies.

3) In radio communications, pertaining to the band of frequencies approximately between 3 MHz and 30 MHz. Note: “Shortwave” is not a term officially recognized by the international community.
I listen to pirate radio stations on my shortwave radio.
by IRISHrepublicanARMY December 31, 2003
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A fascinating but, unfortunately it seems, moribund form of radio broadcasting that utilizes radio frequencies from about 1,800 kHz to 30,000 kHz. Some say that the Internet is totally to blame for shortwave's demise, but in fact there are many other reasons: poor propagation conditions (e.g. coronal flares on the Sun that can block radio reception for many days), mismanagement and bad frequency allocation by the stations themselves, transmitters in disrepair, lack of funding for the stations, radio frequency interference caused by various appliances that create walls of noise when one is listening for stations, etc. On shortwave, one can often hear interesting cultural programs and music produced by the host country, and some shortwave listeners have created a hobby-within-a-hobby of collecting "QSL" (verification of reception) cards, pennants, CDs, books, etc.
Back in the late 1970's, I loved to listen to Radio Tahiti on my shortwave receiver.
by pentozali April 03, 2006
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