It’s very scrumptious, long and juicy.
Willy lover: Have you heard of a big long willy?
Boob lover: yeah it’s a good!
by Willybeard.65 December 7, 2020
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I stuck my Big Long Schlong in her asshole

Hey bro did you see Jeremy's big long shlong in the locker room the other day?

It was almost as big as uncle Eddy!
by Yourdadymom May 6, 2021
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A term used to define a very well endowed gentleman that is known to sleep with a lot of women. Nine times out of ten his favorite position he wants a woman to perform while having sex is doggy style. Doggy style is perfect because he can slightly lean back while his large member can move in and out smoothly or hard and aggressive inside a woman's vagina, thus the LONG STROKE part of his name.

Women hardly, if ever, complain about these Big Daddy Long Stroke's sexual performance, but they tend to call these guys assholes and bastards, especially to their girl friends. Yet, dispite all this name calling either to him over the phone, in his face or to her friends and family, she still will sleep with Big Daddy Long Stroke cause he can make her knees buckle, toes curl, body sweat and pussy cum about 4 to 12 times in 3 hours to one whole night of sex. Trust me, Ive counted.

If a woman is involved with one of these types of men as her boyfriend, fiancee or husband, they may be silly enough to tell the world about her Long Stroke, thus having those close to her try to sample what she's been getting all the time. And if he is a sneaky Long Stroke, then he will have sex with the woman/women she is close to. Sad aint it?
Girl 1: Oooo, child I was with Nick the other night, he got me from the back and broke a bitch off. I got him saved as Big Daddy Long Stroke in my phone.

Girl 2: For real girl?....In her thoughts: "Watch when I see Nick, I'm gonna see if my home girl aint lying him and his long stroke. I know she my girl, but I gots to get me some of that good dick"....
by St. N.I.C September 11, 2009
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When you are clapping your girls cheeks so incredible you become thanos
Bro fr the other day I fucked my girl so hard she called me big daddy long dick
by Roll tide bby May 25, 2019
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