7 definitions by qweef shady

someone who looks really hot on facebook profile picture, but in real life they are butt ugly.
Sam: How was your date
nevin: The girl was so ugly, but on facebook she was hot though.
Sam: She has Facebook fake sexyness for sure than.
by qweef shady June 28, 2011
A rich persons version of crabs.
Donald Trump got lobsters after he hired a prostitute.
by qweef shady June 21, 2011
I was on chatroulette and there was a great white whale spotting.
by qweef shady June 29, 2011
A male who dates or marries a women at least thirty years younger than they are.
Hugh, age 69, is such a mountain lion his girlfriend is now 19.
by qweef shady June 20, 2011
A hockey deke where a person gets around a defender and then makes the goalie look bad with a shot.
Patrick Kane will Dangle-snipe the oilers.
by qweef shady June 22, 2011
1. having sex with an erection.
2. awesome
1. Jenna and I had boner sex last tuesday.
2. Dude she likes, thats boner sex.
by qweef shady June 20, 2011