Patrick Kane, an NHL player for the Chicago Blackhawks, plays right wing and wears the number 88. Picked by the Blackhawks in 2007, he was first overall in the NHL draft. He is widely considered as the best American born hockey player, being still extremely dominant at the sport at age 30. He has led the Blackhawks to a modern dynasty, winning the cup 3 times through the span of 2010-2015. Kane is a fan favorite of Chicago not only because of his insane on-ice skills but also his off ice personality.

Contrary to the other definitions of Kane, he is NOT a rapist. Although he was accused of it, a rape kit proved that he was innocent, clearing his name. Many have forgotten about that incident although others still like to bring it up when trash talking. You hate him cuz you ain’t him buddy boys.


Ted Lindsay, Art Ross, 100 Greatest players of all time, Hart Trophy, Conn Smythe, Calder, and 3 time Stanley Cup winner.
Patrick Kane is my favorite player to watch
by Kaner17 August 18, 2019
The Blackhawks winger that wears number 88. He is nicknamed Kaner or hatrick kane because of his hatrick against the canucks in game 6 of the playoffs this year.
Guy 1: who is your favorite hockey player?

Guy 2: I gotta go with Patrick Kane

Announcer: Hatrick Kane gets his 3rd goal of the day!
by rh15 May 26, 2009