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A shorter name for "GRENADE"

Usualy used in online multiplayer games
Take Cover! Nade Incoming!
by pwned October 15, 2003

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The NFC Champions that just owned Scaldo and MJs face by beating the Atlanta Falcons and getting into the Superbowl while the Pittsburgh Steelers got owned by the New England Patriots.
"Reporter: It's pandamonium down on the field as the Eagles has just earned the right to represent the NFC in the Superbowl!

Reporter: In other news, RoethlisJewnoseBerger just choked and was destroyed by the New England Patriots. MJ and Scaldo from UrbanDictionary.com have thusly been owned in their face.

Back to you Steve."
by pwned January 23, 2005

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guy from CKY who did some really weird things.
Rake was on the news last night...sad, really.
by pwned February 24, 2004

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Stylish clothes and one bad-ass attitude, this afro-wearing mofo knows how to get the job done, and fast!
My name's Nabeshin and my afro suits me...
by Pwned February 21, 2004

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Parody of internet. Used on forums alot. Recently changed to interweb.
I am teh winnar! Look teh intraweb!
by pwned February 28, 2004

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A 19year old man that spends the most of his time on IRC. When he's not on IRC, he plays computer games or drinks Absinth.
Wiking je pa zdej na ircu
by pwned January 02, 2005

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The most beautiful girl found on livejournal. Sweet, kind and generous. Also very intelligent, thus making her prone to being trolled by the likes of the homosexual jameth and his band of followers.
peezys_girl is a wonderful human being
by pwned December 17, 2004

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