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A champion whom displays high vocal regard for their own perfection.
You singlehandedly regained control of a commercial aeroplane after the pilot passed out and you also successfully thwarted a criminal mastermind's attempt
to launch a lethal salvo of nuclear missiles (that would inevitably incite WWIII), just by landing the plane onto the mobile sattelite dish that was meant to send out the launch signal in T- 2 seconds before your uncanny arrival. In that kind of instance, the only appropriate phrase for you to shout would be "WINNNAARR!"
by Steve 'Broken Tusk' J. July 25, 2004
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Pronounced "WIN-ARE":

Proclaiming a victor, either yourself or other, in a competition. It is a derivative of the normal "winner" term being different only in that it is normally shouted in order to make it heard over everything and everyone else.
*in a crowded stadium*
Mr. Smith is the WINNAR!!!!!

*at the end of a video game match*
Person1: That was stupid as..
Person2: WINNAR!!!! *pointing to himself*
by Suicide_SAL March 28, 2008
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