7 definitions by push.tyber


1. An entity of modern day americana of high regard and favor by {and amoung the circle of} vanity

2. A true and severe cheshire magnet, able to bring flocks in seconds and by the prooven hundreds

3. A verbality leech and text sucker of others

4. A psuedofaux enigma, made so by cheshires and subbeautifuls alike

5. Of polar to St.Push and {despiteversesexchangedbetween heandpush.tyber} under marks from said St. in the even that he would ever set foot to theNYC {givenherwillandwilling}

6. Underestimated and overdramatized, something that is beyond the grasp because he can no longer be seen as a simple stone but instead for the things spoken of it
by push.tyber March 22, 2005
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(semi)Exact Translation: The Red House

1. A house of particular subconcious deep in a feild of vast memory

2. A keeping and collective of extensive and combative personalities and emotions in the deeper recesses of the mind
by push.tyber March 21, 2005
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1. One who mimics others for social attention or personal benfit

2. One who is deceitful in their use of style theft from another individual for sake of social attention or benefit

3. One who robs ideas from another to further themself in social ranking and/or status

4. a social parasite
"{persona} said that exact same thing only two minutes ago, and now {personb} is already recycling it?"
"I know, he's such a cheshire."

"No one is ever going to like you if you continue to be a cheshire."
by push.tyber March 19, 2005
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1. a medium or conductor

2. a conduit or host
"spoken through Push.Tyber herself"
by push.tyber March 22, 2005
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1. A selfproclaimed saint of NYC/Manhattan, as well as a selfconvicted phedophile and rapist

2. Completely lacking in "true" morals, prone to violence and manic rage

3. A genius of logic, a twister of words while still being able to hold all truth and quote directly to the statement made by the debating party

4. rotten, malnourish, mangey, filth

5. androgynous, nonsexual

6. bearing obsession with completing her words in "the name of God", convinced of her favoring by the father

7. An enemy to cheshires and beautifuls, and by most cases {thoughrareinadmitance} feared and honored by such all the same

8. In mark for Jefree Star if willing permits he steps into theNYC and she is without restraint
"looks like the saint's at it again. oh, and she has a permit"
by push.tyber March 22, 2005
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1. A slave to vanity

2. A being or person so ensnared by looks or vanity that they suffer obsessions with such

3. A person pleasing in looks that has thusly given themselves up to the sways and needs of vanity in return for false beauty

4. Someone who climbs the social ladder and/or gains power by means of looks

{seealso:} someone who is often surrounded by cheshires
by push.tyber March 19, 2005
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1. a person so consumed by narcasissm and ego that they concider themselves (or pretend to be) better than anyone else, when they are quite the opposite

2. the most beautiful of the beautifuls

3. an insult used in way of sarcasm
"They loathe me because they love me. It's my attention they crave."

"Oh yes, because you're the absolutle Queen of the Beautifuls, aren't you?"
by push.tyber May 31, 2006
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