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short for Nordstrom, the department store.
Tutti: Nice shoes. Where'd you get them, Costco?
Blair: I paid 250 bucks for these at Nordies, you ignant bitch.
by psychobabble June 02, 2006

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A condition of temporary memory loss, during which a person can’t recall having sex with the person he/she is speaking to.

Ken: Hey, sexy! What’s your name?
Barbie: It’s Barbie, you dickhead. You boned me for 13 hours last Memorial Day.
Ken: Oh, yeah? Right! I remember you now.
by psychobabble June 02, 2006

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A phenomenon in which the person you are speaking with on a cell phone appears in your line of sight.

Barbie: Where are you, biach? I told you to meet me at the MAC counter in Nordies at noon.
Midge: I am at the MAC counter, stupid ho. Turn around.

by psychobabble June 02, 2006

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adjective: packed with, extremely full, overly crowded, bursting, esp. with junkfood.
"Girl, eating that third bean and cheese burrito was hella dumb. I'm too stutch to even move."
by psychobabble May 31, 2006

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An illegal left or right turn, in which a driver crosses in front of one or more lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction, thereby cutting off adjacent drivers and causing near-collisions. Refers to the seemingly lawless driving maneuvers of cabbies in Mexico. Most commonly witnessed on multi-lane steets in southwestern U.S. states.
"Chinga! That ignant driver just pulled a Mexiturn and made me spill my forty on my fresh kicks!"
by psychobabble June 01, 2006

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adjective: a lazy, drifting shuffle, usually performed by directionless, lower class people who have total lack of ambition and an oblivious disregard for people in a hurry. Commonly seen in parking lots, busy intersections, and Wal-Mart.
"Can you believe the crackhead driving that hoopty snatched my parking space 'cause those biatches was strolling across the lot in first gear?"

"Dayam!! I'll never make this light with those losers crossing the street in first gear. Get a fucking job!"
by psychobabble June 01, 2006

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