The Indian/Punjabi/Urdu word for "Shit/poop". It's sometimes a very nasty word, often disrespectful.
I need to go to the bathroom badly for a tutti! Please hurry up!!!
by N00R Al-Khalifa February 15, 2021
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A really long, brown train of shit that comes out of the buttock at a really fast speed.
I was doing a tutti for 5 hours after that curry my 4th wife cooked me.
by Afgboy March 14, 2015
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A mythical fringed creature who haunts Polish forests during nocturnal hours, stealing jewels and valuables of unsuspecting men by alluring them to her with her long-winded speeches on why their dress sense is totally unacceptable and how the art of etiquette has been lost in these troubling times. Devilishly attractive, yet fatally dangerous. Best avoided by carrying marinated olives in the pocket.
Person 1: Dude, i met this chick last hot but she just wouldn't shut up about these crocs i'm wearing!

Person 2: What a Tutti!
by eno_one February 8, 2010
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An excessively critical and judgemental individual. Tuttis are also known to live far beyond their financial means in order to present false pretense in public image or social standard. Certain cases with an extremely grandiose concept of self-worth have proven to be very driven in their attempt to belittle others, often going lengths far greater than most clinically sane human beings might be willing to endure. While some may classify Tuttis as the lowest form of human life, others have admirably noted their ability to engage in hedonistic activities, albeit any caliber of consequence or reprecussion. Some have also praised this species for their creativity in fabricating intimate romantic relationships.
That George Costazna character is quite the tutti... Wouldn't you say? Cocktails!!
by Hugh Gee Wreckshun October 4, 2010
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1)he had to go on the toilet and do tutti.
2) You tutti-head
by El_burro March 23, 2003
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how to say shit in hindi/punjabi/urdu.

man, i need to go for a tutty.
yaar, mujhe tutty aiy hain.
by awais August 27, 2007
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