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Also known as tonsil stones, these hard off-white balls are a combination of sulfur-producing bacteria, dead skin cells, and food particles. They accumulate in tonsil 'crypts' until they are dislodged. In extreme cases, chronic sufferers will go to the lengths of having their tonsils removed to rid themselves of this problem. They are not dangerous, although they can contribute to halitosis, and their frequency usually peaks in the teen years.
Susie's coughing fit ended with a tonsillolith dislodging and flying across the room.
by pr0digy December 7, 2004
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To have left without warning; vanished.

Used mostly in an online context when a friend stops talking without using an away message. Derived from the typical magic act of the magician dissapearing in a poof of smoke.
I was talking to Aiden on AIM when he just poofed for 20 minutes.
by pr0digy December 5, 2004
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using several variants of the name ASJN Balboa XW for his clan A Single Jedi Nation and his rank of Xtreme Warlord, Balboa was one of the best players in the online world of Star Wars Jedi Academy. he proved people with slow dial-up could contend and out match those with higher connection speeds.
He uses the alias of Balboa.
by pr0digy April 27, 2004
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