18 definitions by poppilopo

The total number of reachable cellphones.
I wonder which is greater, all the stars in the sky or the cell-u-verse.

OMG, you should see my daughter's phone bill. I think see tried to call the cell-u-verse.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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The moment in time when you know you are just seconds from being kicked-out of your home or apartment and will be falling into the black hole of homelessness.
When I heard the loud knock at my door, I knew it was the Sheriff and that I was about to cross over the evict horizon.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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The act of achieving a heightened state of sexual arousal by placing your vibrating cell phone on or near any of either yours or your partner's erogenous zones.
I have to say that my girlfriend is one of the most cell-u-larogenous people I know. She knows just when and where to place her vibrating cell phone on my body.

I was so lonely the other night, I had to get cell-u-larogenouos.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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What happens to the fat ugly girl who goes to South Beach with her circle of otherwise thin and attractive friends. As the evening progresses, the cute girls all hook-up and leave their fugly friend stranded on the beach like a washed-up whale.
Did you hear what happened to Porky Patty? She went to South Beach last night with the rest of the girls and ended up South Beached.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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The act of attending class by calling another cell phone that is present in the classroom while you are not.
I bought two cellphones so my friends can take one to my classes for me. I stay in bed and call the phone in the classroom to listen to the daily lesson. I guess you could say that I'm attending cell-u-lar-versity.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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The tacky yellowish-green hair color that women who spend way too much time on South Beach get.
Honey, you need to go to the salon because you are starting to get that gangrene South Bleach look going on.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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The act of taking your piece of shit cell phone back to the store and shoving up the salesperson's ass.
I am so sick of this fucking cell phone. I have had it replaced at least ten times and each one of them has been worst than the last.

I'm going to use this one for a little cell-u-lar-sodomy.
by poppilopo June 12, 2009
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