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An everyday object, especially with humourous connotations and acquired at no cost, that can be used over snow as a sledge Wheelie bin lids and motorway barriers are said to be popular choices.
My ultimate ghetto sledge was a freshly pulled down For Sale sign....
by pinkfoot February 2, 2009
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A drunken stagger home when really pissed that seems to last forever as one leg is used to stay upright and the other is a stabiliser.
"I was that pissed last night I walked home like I had a welly and a clog on".
by pinkfoot February 2, 2009
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Also pronounce 'anging'. To be suffering from the combined effects of lack of sleep, amnesia, and an over-indulgence of alcohol and/or other stimulants following a prolonged session with ones friends.
"I never made work Monday, I was hanging like Dick Turpin at a junction"
by pinkfoot August 30, 2008
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