35 definitions by pimp

This short for Extremly Small penis.
by pimp March 30, 2004
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a fly ass hoe who want ma dick
ohhhhhhhh get dat hood rat
by pimp September 27, 2003
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an old prostitute who was reffer to as "outback lele"...she never showered, never brushed her hair, and never brushed her teeth even after getting on her knees
That homless woman, on the corner of our street, is a lele
by pimp January 24, 2005
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a girls rear end...often ment as a complement. can be shortened to donkey
look at that badinkadink
by pimp May 04, 2004
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pimp, bf of hot girls
Why do beaus get so much pussy?
by PIMP July 10, 2003
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A fanny fart...or when gas escapes through the vagina
Pierre- ewww lisa just quelfed (adj)...
Lisa- what does that mean?
Pierre- when gas come out of ur fanny instead of ur ass hole
by pimp June 16, 2006
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the best looking girl there is and ever will be
DUDE U SAW BEYONCE? she is hot, yeah
by PIMP November 23, 2004
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