35 definitions by pimp

A bad spray paint that looks runny like someone was bleeding on it.
A you got one of those sweet Krylons I want my bomb bloody.
by Pimp December 09, 2003
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A pizza place that has damn good food
hungry howies has damn good food
by Pimp July 26, 2004
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blowin through the oppisite end of a bunt or a joint to give the other person a phat ass hit to get maaaad fucked up
hey bitch lemme get a shotty off that bz for i punch you in yo shit mudda fakko!
by pimp January 01, 2004
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pimp but in arabic
that gawad is the best ever.
by pimp October 31, 2003
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1)To pimp hoes
2)Steal other pimps hard earned cash
3)Stock up on ak-47z
4)Buy weed and beer so your thugs stay happy
5)Become the best known pimp in idle land
6)Have a pimpin' good time
I'ma go pimp some hoes, kill some wannabe pimps, and stock up on some akz on idlepimps.
by Pimp August 28, 2003
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the oppitamy of cool
Thats some pimp-tight-ass-shit!
by PIMP January 22, 2004
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