13 definitions by philbad

The most annoying, no talent, high maintenance, Americal Idol reject, begging for attention, millionaire brat to ever fool the music buying public who shrieks and wails like a ferret caught in a meat grinder.
Dave: "Mariah Carrey is terrible, really terrible..."
Jonsie: "I concur, govna'..."
Sebastian: "I hope her throat falls out"
Tabatha: "Does anyone really like that crap?"
by philbad July 09, 2004
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Beer induced ooey, gooey, watery, poo.
Not may chunks-n-bits at all.
Usually leaves the arse with much velocity.
Its all fun & games untill someone spills an entire bucket of liquid poo!

Britney Spears sprayed me with liquid poo, she's got good aim!
by philbad July 09, 2004
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The watery liquid that comes out of the mustard bottle if one fails to shake it vigorously.
Excuse me my good man, but your are getting musquirt all over my wife...
by philbad July 09, 2004
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The perfume of the vaggerific cavern.

One may be prone to say "I smell pussy!"

Smells so good, I want to eat it.
C'mon babe, lemme get in that beautiful stink of yours.

Its so nice-n-stinky...may I, oh please?

It is really the only stinky thing that smells good.
by philbad May 27, 2005
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A rather urgent situation where the poop gremlin comes calling at the worst possible time.
my daughter had a real poomergency when we in the car for 8 hrs.
by philbad February 23, 2020
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To play with one's poonie.

To entertain your woman's vaggy.

To have the sex.
"Oh boy, Sara Sue, I'd sure like to poondoggle you..."

"Well, ok, just this once but don't tell Mom & Dad"
by philbad January 06, 2005
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Someone who is crazy about the poon.

One that is transfixed by the poon.

He who thinks poon is the greatest.

The poon's biggest fan.

I love that beautiful stinky poon.

Yes, I am a poongoon.
by philbad May 27, 2005
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