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Jonsie comes from the greek name, Jonseliah. He is known for his quick toes and amazing dance moves. he interperates everything in a wise fasion, and is witty. his looks are stricking, but his taste in women isnt so hot. he enjoys long walks on the beach, purple scrunchies, and housekeeping. - search eric bennett.
by Angey1234567890RL May 03, 2009
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A pretty brunette girl with specs and olive skin who won’t admit it but actually still likes her ex , Jonsie is a loyal friend and will always stick up for you no matter what and she is not a snake she is also intelligent πŸ€“ when she wants to be, however she can be over dramatic at times Ps this is written by Caitlin
A person:shut up your ugly and fat
Jonsie:don’t be rude to my friend
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by Parksey123 November 11, 2019
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