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Nothic is a combination of the words 'not' and 'gothic' and pretty much have the self-explanitory meaning of someone who is not gothic, but a wannabe or poser. Many people think they are gothic since they buy clothes at Hot Topic, wear black, cut themselves, act depressed, listen to depressing music, and/or anything stereotypical or real of the gothic subculture without actually knowing anything about what it really means to be a part of the gothic subculture.

First of all, Hot Topic sells clothing. Not gothic clothing nor preppy clothing, just clothing. In the early years of Hot Topic, the clothing appealed to many goths, but because of high prices and cheap quality, the real goths quickly turned away. Most true goths create their own clothing. Still, some goths do wear clothing from Hot Topic, but it does not make them goths. Any person who believes they are a goth because they wear clothing from Hot Topic is a poser. I want to be very clear on this.
Poser: Oh my God! You have got to see these new pants I got from Hot Topic! They are so gothic, they're made from cheaply processed cotton that'll fade from black to light gray after the first wash and poorly sewn together seams made by a twelve year old seamstress from Korea, and best of all, they only cost me fifty-five of my hard-earned dollars to purchase them instead of waiting for them to go on clearance sale for half-price in a week!
by Penguin May 20, 2005
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