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emotionless beings only on this planet to aid reproduction...to create many greenhouse gases & to break every girls heart. they are occassionally kind and considerate....but those ones are very rare, if you know one ...keep him!!!!
what were those pieces of filth?...oh just some men
by penelope February 03, 2005

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A deep hole that leads from the ass cheeks to the bowel, where one shits through. Most commonly refered to as poop chute.
Michael enjoys to fondle his ass schnitzle while playing raquetball with the neighborhood children.
by Penelope January 17, 2004

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to cheat in the game of marbles
the person who flings his marble with his whole wrist to knock the opponents marble (which would result in a win of that marble) - rather than flicking the marble with thumb and forefinger, as is supposed to happen
by Penelope February 24, 2004

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Awesome girl who kicks ass
Has Own cereal
has action figure w/ pix
Can't spell
"Rin your awesome"
by Penelope December 11, 2003

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shut down or burned
pimp 1: what we doin?
pimp 2: you mama
pimp 3: Oh! froze!!
by penelope March 19, 2005

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sexual intercourse between a Nicole and a Garrett with the use of an ORANGE condom
Nicole and Garrett made sweet sweet Orange down by the fire!
by penelope July 16, 2004

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