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--(noun, personal style)

--The combination of a Goth and an Emo style. Keep in mind that if a Gothmo actually calls his/herself "Goth", "Emo", or "Gothmo", he or she is a poser.

--Usually, Gothmo is an emo with a Goth touch.
Not usually the other way around.
Emo: Oh! I wanna cut myself, cuz everybody hates me...

Goth: Dude get a life. Life's way more than self-afflicted

Gothmo: Ummm...I'm confused...
by Pearls October 27, 2006
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A beautiful, dark, and mysterious thing that some religious people fear, while others welcome it. Death is not the "decaying" part of life. Death is that moment when you take your last look at everything around you, and that last breath of air you breathe in. Death is the moment your body shuts down, sometimes your eyes close, and your heart stops beating. Death is a horrible...yet seemingly wonderful... experience. A person can also be revived from death, usually by trained medical professionals.
I died twice in my car wreck over the summer.
My Grandma and Grandpa witnessed my death.
by Pearls October 27, 2006
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--a person who "hops" from forum to forum, registering, just to have their user name all over the internet (noun)

--also used as "forum frogging" (verb)
A person went into the forum and signed up, tho he never posted or participated afterwards. He is a forum frog.
by pearls November 07, 2006
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Noun; Refers to an edito on UD (or a small group) that nobody seems to like at all. In fact, this person (or these people) seem to get ambushed and bombarded by hate posts.
Gosh that Pearls...fuck her! She's such an Urban Outcast! God! Nobody freakin' likes her at all!
by Pearls July 02, 2006
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Pronunciation: pee-nis
Part of speech: noun
Def: External part of the male genitalia; reproductive part of a male's body; shape of a cylinder with a head; sometimes circumsised; come in all sizes; much fun to play with
Gosh...don't you just really want a penis once in a while?
by Pearls July 02, 2006
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--something to be treasured, and never forgotten (though, how could it be?)
--something that is out there, somewhere, waiting for everyone to find
--something that there's only one of, for each and every person here on earth (and maybe a few aliens, lol)
True love can be found anywhere. You just have to look for it. And for those who think they aren't looking hard enough,
look more carefully...
by Pearls October 27, 2006
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