32 definition by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie

one who keeps an eye out for nip slips and hard nipples on girls.
Noun: nip sniper (also adj)
Verb: nip sniping
"Dude, that little pervert over there is such a nip sniper, he was totally staring at my boobs!"
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 10, 2003

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Pat's word in physic's class with BLAO and MLO when we be b-boppin.
Boom, pach ch, da boom boom pa - WICKYWICKY!
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 16, 2003

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A clever thing to say when you are otherwise at a loss for words.

Comes directly from the smart-phone boom and their endless applications ranging from farts, to directions, to kitten backgrounds.

Saying this automatically makes you popular.
Stephanie: Damn Pat, Tommy and I were grinding for so long last night that my shit still hurts. I swear that kid just doesn't know what else to do.

Patrick: They have an app for that.

Gamer: I is think I should no is play teh Warcraps no mores. Wackin it are becomming chore.

Loyal Friend: Dey is has teh apps 4 dat.
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie February 05, 2010

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Between petting and heavy petting. Stroking hair, massages (including foot).
Tom and Sally engaged in light petting while hanging out.
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie September 23, 2006

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My new favorite word.
Did you do your homework?
O shazzbutt!
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 16, 2003

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when you are a fucking dumb-ass and don't know how to spell deleted
dam again.
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 11, 2003

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