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An abbreviation for Time To Penis. Used by game developers and graphic designers as a way to describe how long it will be before the players or users find a way to represent penises in the game. These could either be chat or text descriptions, static images, or even animated penises.
Spore allowed users such total control over their creatures that the TTP was approximately 10 minutes.

According to BackAlleyBrawler, a developer at NCSoft, the ability to rename your character's powers "was quickly rejected due to the 'TTP' factor."
by COHfan July 18, 2009
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The Philadelphia 76ers might have a chance at winning again due to Sam Hinkie's short Machiavellian reign as General Manager. #TTP
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by thecity2 June 23, 2017
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TTP stands for Tight Teen Pussy. It refers to women in the age span of teens to late 20's. It defines extremly hot women that you would immediately want to have sex with. Can be used without detection amongst crowds and feminists.
Guy1: "Damn, shes' a TTP!"
Guy2: "Yeah, tight."
by doubleTP July 09, 2018
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T.T.P is short for "Turn To Page".
You most commonly find them in shared school textbooks.
You are sitting in Biology class and the teacher starts handing out the big textbooks.
Your teacher tells the class to open their books to page 36, but on the bottom of the page you see "T.T.P 69" so you turn to page 69 and see somebody has drawn a pair of tits on a skeleton.
by AyeYerMa October 08, 2016
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Toke Toke Pass
The act of sharing a joint around.
Each person has to toke then pass the J on, this needs to happen in rapid fire motion to fully utilize the J.
Big D: toke toke pass
Stu : toke toke pass
Fooch : toke toke pass talk
GF : shut up and pass the J Fooch. toke toke pass
by Gee VATO October 19, 2003
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Usher (RnB/HipHop Artist Artist) used T.T.P as a name of one of his songs, as far as i can tell from the way it is used, and other lyrics in the song, it means Total Package.
You should be looking for a T.T.P
by Jamie Grive July 24, 2004
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