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Another slang for 'fag' in the Philippines. It is often used as an insult. The term often means 'flamy' and effeminate homosexuals; it also refers to flamy homosexuals who are witty and sarcastic. Although used predominantly in Tagalog, the term is widely used by the country's other dialects.
Be careful teasing that bading 'she' will burn you with her wit.
by Papi June 18, 2006
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(ba-ding) n. (English, faggot)
adj. Relating to persons or things that are gay.

Tagalog derogatory word. An effeminate homosexual. The etymology of this word is not known. While all gay guys are different, this word defines all aspects of homosexuality.
(NOTE: This does not apply to each and every Filipino gay guy!) The two most famous stereotypes are:

a.) Effeminate gay male who works&/or owns a beauty salon, usually a cross-dresser. Has to financially support a straight male (may also be a straight-acting gay male) to experience sexual gratification, or even (the illusion) of love. Breadwinner of the family. Has gotten used not to take faggot remarks seriously. Amazing wit and talent for hilarious one-liners. Not as scary as he looks, very kind-hearted.

b.) Effeminate educated middle-class snobbish fashionista gay male. Some are cross-dressers, and those who wear male clothes act/behave like women. He hates the whole world because the whole world hates him. His defense mechanism is to be rude to everyone first, for fear of being provoked. Eyebrow is constantly raised and nose is usually stuck up in the air. Loves hanging out at trendy bars/clubs. Unleash vengeance in the form of criticizing and humiliating everything/everyone they come in contact with, cackling and using exagerrated hand movements. Loves to gossip and fabricate rumors about someone. Especially amazing knack for sourgrapes; he will conclude and spread lies that a nicely-dressed male (who has done him no wrong), is gay. His kind epitomizes homophobia literally. Not prejudice, but the actual fear of gay guys.
"Si Juan ay isang bading!" (English: "Juan is a faggot!")
by peasantboy December 16, 2006
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Dumbass, gay(stupid) ass, or mofo(Motherfucker)
Jon Sho is a ba ding becuase he enjoys masturbation.
by Alvin December 01, 2004
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