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when the kids at school think they're cool and tell you they've had sexual relations with your mother
hey aaron!
i fuckyourmom!!
by p33n October 21, 2003
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Poor wilderness dwellers, common in the southern united states, but can sometimes be seen in the remote parts of California. Characteristics: stained clothes, mullet, shotgun, frequently accompanied by bloodhound dogs.
Hey maw, wut'r we gonna hay'av fer dinuh to'naht? Awww shucks! Possum grits a'gayn?
by p33n June 28, 2003
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A fat latin fellow.
Marcus Quintus is a Fattis!
by p33n June 28, 2003
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Best deepthrought in the world.
Man Dingo: Hey, mik.
Mik: Yeah?
Man Dingo: Suck it
by p33n February 25, 2004
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