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From the Cambridge Latin course, mostly books 1 & 2. Strikingly homosexual, Quintus captures the hearts and minds of all Latin students. First discovered homo on page 5 of book one, in the passage "Quintus bibit." Had a love affair with Barbillus in Alexandria. Has a habit of looking at Barbillus's jewels, which are apperantly big and shiny.
INGENTEM gemmas habebat! Quintus bibit. Ancilla fabulam narravit.
by Quintus October 31, 2004
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Quintus horatius flaccus is a character in the oxford latin course books. he is a homosexual boy growing up in italy and descovered his sexual orientation when he and his friend gaius 'exercised themselves in the field' although this is incomplete without the picture. The book follows the story of young quintus and his family, including his father Flaccus, mother Scintilla, sister Horatia, and the dog, Argus. The book is known for its interesting cartoons, where you cant tell if any of the characters are a boy or a girl. Seeing these awful cartoons makes my day.
by quintus horatius flaccus March 28, 2007
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a gay mother fucker with large presbitarian ass hairs. his nose is bigger than his dick so its smaller than any nose in the world and he loves to suck his toe nail
oh its a wild quintus!
by bob weadababy July 20, 2003
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