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Jersey slang for 'garbage'
Kyley-B: Ayy! Wasamater Kookie? Why you actin like a piece of cabbage??
by outlaw pr October 13, 2010

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verb. a phenomenon that occurs when a group of friends are on a roadtrip with two or more cars, but only one driver knows how to reach the destination. Said driver then has the obligation to drive in a way that his or her followers can keep up. Maneuvers involved include, but are not limited to:
-reduced speed
-engaging the blinkers
-occasionally stopping in the shoulder
Friend: Dude that guy has had his blinkers on for a good mile and a half now, why doesn't he just take the shoulder?

Me: He must be driving for two...
by outlaw pr March 07, 2011

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(noun) - A teacher who, during last period on a friday, assigns a project or a shitload of homework due next monday, effectively killing any chances of having fun during the weekend.
David: Man this weekend is gonna be crazy! Ready to rock bro?

Bro: Nah man, my history teacher gave me a long ass project due monday.

David: Damn, sucks to be you!

Bro: Yeah, Mrs. Karla is a real weekend vampire!
by outlaw pr June 11, 2010

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The act of cocking a firearm when it does not achieve any practical purpose, other than to create dramatic effect or just to show off the fact that you are in possession of a gun. Similar to the dramatic gun cock.
In the TV series LOST, actors had an on-screen competition of who could pull off the most inappropriate cocks.
by outlaw pr June 15, 2010

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The measuring scale for determining how boring a specific class is based solely on the amount, size and complexity of doodles in one's notebook. Usually measured from little hearts, stars and other geometric shapes (lowest) to complete civilizations and detailed replicas of museum pieces (highest).
Yesterday in History of the Middle Ages the doodle level was critical, I swear I almost drew the freaking Mona Lisa.
by outlaw pr October 09, 2010

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used to describe when a subject is interesting to a level equal to women's asses
Yeah, i guess that party last night was interesting, but it wasn't ass interesting...
by outlaw PR November 19, 2010

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