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1337 was the year the hundred years war started making an obscure factoid a totally useless piece of gamer common knowledge.
Professor: "What year did the hundred year war start? Anyone? Anyone?"

You: "Ohhh! Ohhh! 1337!"

Professor: "Ok theres the gamer"
by otacon July 13, 2006

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A Phrase That Was Started To Attempt To Remove The Phrase "There IS A Me In Team"
Player 1: Hey Man You Gotta Pass The Ball "Theres No I In Team"
Player2: Yes But There Is A Me In Team So BACK OFF Its Not My Fault You SUCK!
by Otacon May 18, 2004

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The Singular Form Of The Word One
Jay: Dude Can You See That Oneular Guy Over There?
Bob: No, I Cant Thats Why Im The Smart One.
by Otacon May 17, 2004

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A Musical Instrument That Requires Incredible Patience To Play Some See It As A Retards Play Thing But As A Percussive Instrument Makes A Beautiful Tone If Played Properly With The Correct Stroke Technique And Production Of Overtones.
The Triangle Added A Wonderful musical Treat To The Light Tone Of The Ensemble.
by Otacon May 17, 2004

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To 'chill out'.
f00, fucking kick back.
by Otacon September 24, 2003

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A lump or boil, which looks very nasty
That guy has a pock on his neck
by Otacon February 15, 2005

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The obvious misspelling of wordOtaconword. Started by Mr. Hankey on the wordWrestling-Edgeword forums.
Hankey: hay whurrz Octcagtcon?
Someone: who?
Hankey: Octcagtcon
Someone: you mean Otacon?
Hankey: yea, whurr?
by Otacon September 08, 2003

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