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An Irish faggot, usually wearing green and talking too loud.
Random Irish guy: Yee, lookee me green hat and green shoes! I be Irish!

Everyone else: Shut the fuck up, Mcfaggot...
by osibisa October 04, 2007
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a person who goes to mcdonalds and just orders a fucking soda and loiters around the bathrooms doing nothing
jordon is suck a mcfaggot does he have nothing else to do
by gribblenibbets December 21, 2016
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A fat, unlikable man/woman who won't stop whining about society while shoving 3 hamburgers down his/her slimy, leathery throat.
Doug: Why won't society accept more than 2 genders ?
Me: Quit being a McFaggot and get off your ass to do something with your life.
by boredjondoe May 29, 2018
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