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kiba is a shinobi from the leaf village (konoha), he's highly skilled, fierce and with quite a competitive attitude. he is also cocky and somewhat similar to naruto. his dog akamaru aids him in battle.
"i cosplayed as kiba last year for yasumicon"
"dude, kiba pwns!"
by oriya May 10, 2005

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excellent MMORPG, based on the world of swashbuckling pirates, lads, bucaneers and sea scoundrels. male and female alike! there is no discrimination in the world of puzzle pirates.

the game is based around puzzles, naturally... duties like sailing, bilge pumping, navigating, carpentry, cannon operating and the like can be done while at sea, while on an island one can duel other pirates, deposit money into a bank, purchase excellent clothing, swords, materials and even a fancy boat of your own... you must look into joining a crew also, loner pirates are seldom seen. it is also capital that you learn to beat other pirates in the drinking game, perhaps the best articulated puzzle in the game.
"puzzle pirates is fucking fun!"
by oriya May 13, 2005

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the one and only mmo-ARGH-pg in which you learn to live the way of the pirate... the puzzle pirate that is, you start of as a filthy scoundrel wearing rags and begging for PoE (pieces of eight / the currency of puzzle pirates), you can move up to being part of a crew or even being the captain of a crew, there are tons of jobs and they're all quite are varied, the way the jobs work is (you guessed it!) you get to solve puzzles... from tetris-like to bejeweled-like games, quite a lot of fun honestly.

if you're sick of the typical mmorpg template, i suggest you give this little FREE game a try, it's quite fun.

"puzzle pirates is quite a good online game"
by oriya May 16, 2005

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Smutty word used by french-born american erotica guru, Anaïs Nin. She refers to the womanly bush or pubic hair with this enchanting word... Other erotica authors have followed her delicately selected language for this magnificent genre.
She exposed herself to him, her pale soft skin, her delicate slit, so tempting and divine, adorned by her dark coloured fleece...
by oriya June 22, 2005

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