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laid back, relaxed, not freaked out, knows what's goin on.

has come to mean anything popular
"that's one cool cat."

"wow, that good charlotte (cough*sucks*cough) cd is cool!"
by ophelia November 29, 2003

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Also spelt Derro, is a term for an extremely lower class no hoper. Especially those into underage smoking, wearing DADA or Adidas, Listens to Eminem and a stoner.
Basically the whole population of Kempsey, N.S.W Australia
Short for Derelict.
Uptown Kempsey is full of Deros.
by Ophelia December 14, 2003

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The opposite of indeed
Don't you think my new metallic gold shoes are great?

by ophelia March 18, 2005

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To flirt, seduce, or tempt with effortless, stylish charm and careless allure.
"Where boys mack and girls zazzle."
by Ophelia March 28, 2003

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A term of endearment or comfort,if said numerous times,mainly used by cute girls, to bunny rabbits, teddy bears and men they think are wuvable.
"Aw, you hurt yourself, mau mau mau"

"Hello Honey,"
"Mau Mau Mau"
by ophelia January 16, 2005

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A plant, usually surrounded by other brush and vegetation, that smells similiar to ejaculation fluid. Common in woodsy areas.
We got a whiff of a cum bush during our walk off the hiking trail.
by Ophelia June 29, 2004

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"sweet nothingness" or "sweet to do nothing"
A phrase that can be used to describe how wonderful it can be to, for example, have a leisurly vacation. Also a nice phrase to describe a cat sleeping soundly in a sunbeam. Used by some to name their boat.
by Ophelia April 25, 2005

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