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n. 1. Originally coined by oldschool bikers in the early 80's, a derogatory and borderline rascist term used to describe Japanese and other import motorcycles which were not Harley Davidsons or made in the USA.

2. Adapted from it's original meaning in the mid 90's, a term used to describe an R-Type vehicle based on the phrase "riced up", which denotes a heavily modified car that is usually an import, where the cost of the actual modifications usually exceed the vehicles bluebook value.
1. "That Kawasaki Ninja isn't a real bike, it's just a piece of shit rice burner"

2. "You bought that Honda Civic for $8,000 and put $16,000 worth of junk into that rice burner"
by NYC April 08, 2005

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1. n. Commonly accepted cute slang for buttocks.
I'm gonna spank your tushie!
by NYC October 16, 2004

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An elaborate message board filled with complete inaccuracies, tabloid influenced rhetoric, outrageous emotional based opinions, blatant political conflagration, and callous disregard for scientific fact, which is thinly disguised as a free, open source, online encyclopedia that postures itself to be an authoritative and factual information resource; where the moderators and owners of the site delete and cover up entries they disagree with, discounting objective facts and labeling such users as "vandals" inside the alleged collaborative structure that is really designed to have the web population do its work for them with no compensation.
"Wikipedia is trash and is destined to fail."
by NYC October 20, 2005

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1. n. A type of flatulation having dual escapes of gas where the first fart is released having a high pitch, and the second is released having a lower pitch; the tonal quality replicating the audio sound of Mario mounting Yoshi.
:: ppsht! ppsht! ::

"Whoa, you better check your pants for an egg, that was one nasty Yoshi fart"
by NYC March 12, 2006

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An American "reality" show in which generally untalented nobodies compete in a large scale karaoke contest where they are urged to express themselves as individuals, yet are not accepted or praised until they look, act, think, and sing exactly as a generic Top 40 Pop singer, where the grand prize is a record deal with Simon Cowell's record label; ultimately creating a retail failure, as the "artist" is doing little else but singing songs other people wrote for them as they write no words nor play any instruments of their own, all of which is eventually blamed on Mp3 pirating for poor CD sales.
"American Idol is complete garbage."

"All of these people on American Idol are just singing karaoke."

"Who's going to be the next American Idol? Who cares. They're not musicians either way."
by NYC January 18, 2006

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a female who likes to spend more money that she has.
"Kasi, you cannot go to the bar and spend 80 dollars because you already bought 17 bags at the mall today!"
by nyc February 06, 2003

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n. 1. Underwear, undergarments, hosiery or other delicates belonging to ones mother which are commonly found hanging in the bathroom and cluttering the area.

2. Any instance of unattractive, large, control top or "granny" type underwear.
"I walked into your bathroom to pee, but I got attacked by all this hanging momderwear."
by NYC April 16, 2005

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