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DD Palmer, the first chiropractor, decided that all problems with the human body, from neck pain and headaches to head colds and poor eyesight, were caused by a misalignment in the spine, or a subluxation. Although there is no credible scientific proof that remotely supports this in any way, this is the basis of the chiropractic industry and the logic used to scare patients and secure billions of dollars each year. If you hear this term being used by somebody claiming to be able to help your health, run far away.
Patient: My neck hurts.
Chiropractor: You have a subluxation! I'll crack your back for 2 minutes and charge you $30. And keep on coming back!
Patient: Did you hear that Molly slipped on the ice and cracked open her head?
Chiropractor: Oh no! Clearly she has a subluxation! Have her come in, and tell her to bring $30!
by iLikeSoup February 16, 2010
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A 5 Piece Hardcore Metal band from the Berkshires. With amazing stage presence and catchy songs there's no telling how far this band will make it.
Rob: Dude I'm so bored tonight here in the berkshire's there's nothing ever to do.
Maygun: Hey! I know, we could go to the Subluxation show.
by Maygun Sage July 07, 2006
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